View of Sparta's standing soldier

Standing Soldier monument in Sparta: "Erected by James B. Titman, Liet. and R.O.M. of the 27th and 33rd Regiments New Jersey Volunteers, in memory of all the brave heroes who served on land and sea in defense of their country in any of the wars of the United States."

Congratulations to the Presbyterian Church for removing the large bush that obscured the view of Sparta’s Standing Soldier Monument along Main Street. The timing of this seems most appropriate as we approach Sparta’s 175th anniversary in 2020.
Our Standing Soldier was purchased and placed by local businessman, James B. Titman. It was dedicated on June 20, 1900 in remembrance of Sparta’s brave Civil War soldiers. The war affected every American family with over 600,000 boys and men, North and South, who never returned. Standing Soldiers never celebrated victories but reflect a sense of sadness and loss through their blank, distant stares.
Placed on a granite base, our monument is a zinc casting available by catalogue at the end of the 1800s. Orders could be ‘customized’ with hats, capes, and belt buckles reflecting either Northern or Southern origin. A zinc model like ours cost from $450 to $1,000.
The Sparta Historical Society’s Van Kirk Homestead Museum houses many documents on this monument. They are available for study by appointment. We also hope you will study the statue in person.
Thank you once again to those who helped bring this important piece of Sparta’s history back to our attention. It is greatly appreciated.
Jack Clark, Museum Director
Van Kirk Homestead Museum, Sparta