News is fake when it doesn't cover both sides

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Reference to editorial on August 16, 2018: “Journalists are not the enemy of the people.”

It was part of an effort by over 200 newspapers nationwide to decry President Donald Trump’s “attacks on our work.”

I have studied and taught Constitutional Law at the college level and have studied journalism. I am published in the professional media. I respect our Constitution, especially the Bill of Rights.

Let’s see what President Trump had to say and Tweet that gave impetus to the furor.

February 7, 2017:

“The FAKE NEWS media (failing @nytimes, @NBCNews. @ABC, @CBS, @CNN) is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American People!”

Within a month of inauguration, the POTUS defined the “FAKE NEWS media … enemy of the American People.” He didn’t mention the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, LA Times, Miami Herald, Chicago Tribune or Straus News. He didn’t mention PBS, NPR, BBC or FOX News.

Jeanne Straus could have been my journalism professor. She hit the nail on the head when she discussed the need for a free press.

Unfortunately, coverage can be ‘cherry-picked’ by the assignment editor. Not necessarily newsworthy backstories can too easily become “news.” Reporting can be slanted with the use of well-placed adjectives and adverbs. Biased interviewees can be selected. A crying child has been photoshopped into a front page. Unidentified stale video has been injected into current stories.

Ms. Straus laments, “The president does the country a great disservice by lumping together opinion journalism with news reporting --- and attacking the work we do every day. Calling NBC news ‘the enemy of the American people’ is reprehensible.”

Let’s look at NBC’s coverage of Antifa in Charlottesville, VA, and Washington, DC, on the first anniversary of the Unite The Right/Antifa tragedy. NBC videographer Cal Perry was covering an Antifa march through Charlottesville on Saturday evening, August 11. He was accosted by a marcher who yelled, “F—k you, snitch-ass news bitch. F—k you!” The marchers carried a twenty-foot long sign, “All cops are racist. You better face it.” They chanted those words as they marched. Air time? Not so you’d notice. Hurtful to concerned American people and the law enforcement community. Absolutely!

On August 12th in DC, long after Unite The Right had disbanded, Antifa continued to ‘demonstrate’ with signs and chanting, “It Takes a Bullet to Bash a Fash,” “No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA,” and “No Border, No Wall, No USA at All.” Interviews in the line of march included masked Antifa offering to murder Trump. This is right out of the Alinsky and Soros playbooks. Washington Post Columnist Petula Dvorak had her cell phone knocked out of her hand by a masked Antifa who told her, in her words, “Go ‘love’ myself!” ANTIFA IS FASCISM!

What did NBC do? They failed to give it air time, support their employee and call out the fascist Antifa. What did CNN’s Chris Cuomo do? He lost it saying, “But when someone comes to call out bigots and it gets hot, even physical, are they equally wrong as the bigot they are fighting? I argue, no. Fighting against hate matters.” No Chris, free speech, even disgusting hate speech, and lawful assemblies are rights that Antifa has no authority to disrupt. Counter- demonstrations must ‘peaceably assemble.’ Antifa aren’t peaceable. They crave and savor violence.

This IS reprehensible! (Chris Cuomo is brother of New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo who recently gaffed, “America has never been great!”)

Has the public heard about the Charlottesville-authorized investigation into the August 12th, 2017 tragedy? Attorney Tim Heaphy’s investigation found plenty of blame to go around. With UTR on one side of Emancipation Park and Antifa on the other and insufficient law enforcement, the then-mayor canceled an ACLU applied for, court-issued, First Amendment permit for UTR. The police chief was heard by a local official to say, “Let them fight!” The rest is history. The police chief, the then-mayor and the city manager were removed. James Fields will not be convicted of murder in the death of Heather Heyer.

At the time, President Trump said, “there were very, very bad people on both sides.” He was heavily criticized. He has been found to be correct in the Heaphy report. Apologize to POTUS? Hasn’t been cold enough for hell to freeze over.

Recently, I viewed video of the designated Fake News media on election night. As the ‘red’ map developed, journalists and pundits alike were already bashing Trump. Tears welled-up in some of their eyes. Over 90% had contributed to the president heir-apparent, the princess of electronic devices, “What difference does it make anyway?” the personal-friend of ABC News Anchor George Stephanopolis. He was so set on attending the “Break the Glass Ceiling” party.

POTUS has hit some very positive milestones for the American people. He authorized the MOAB against Taliban in Afghanistan and over 50 Cruise missiles against ISIS in Syria. The GDP rose 4.1 in the most recent quarter. His predecessor said that 2.0 would be the “new normal.” Unemployment is at record lows for African-Americans, Hispanics, Asian-Americans, women and disabled. The number of families on food stamps is declining. More people are entering/re-entering the workforce and there is an increase in unfilled jobs. Base pay for the workforce rose by 1.6% in June, annualized 19.2%. In Trump’s 18 months, the Dow has risen 30%.

Trump has opened talks with North Korea toward eliminating nuclear weapons on the Korean Peninsula. He has freed hostages from North Korea and received remains of many Korean War KIAs. The latter event barely covered by the Fake News media.

The Fake News media would rather run with allegations of lewdness, make lay psychological assessments and breathlessly await the Mueller investigation results. Disgraced FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok said “There’s no THERE, there!” while still investigating the alleged Trump/Russian conspiracy.

Despite his accomplishments, this March, the Washington Times reported that the usual Fake News suspects, ABC, CBS and NBC (MSNBC included) were scrutinized for their reporting on the Trump Presidency since the first 100 days. “It was over 90% hostile then – and remains so now.” Enemy of the American people? At least close and I believe history will prove it so.

Unfortunately, “honest, professional journalists reporting the facts” is not what President Trump has experienced. He narrowed the Fake News media so as not to include ethical journalists like Jeanne Straus and her numerous, equally-ethical staffs. His definition hasn’t expanded.

Eskil S. Danielson, MA

Byram Twp.

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