Sparta Athletic Club celebrates 45 years

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The Sparta Athletic Club, with its campus of 28 acres Newton-Sparta Road, is celebrating 45 years in business. The club was predominantly tennis a facility in the early days and is now a full-blown athletic club with five indoor tennis courts, indoor and outdoor pickle ball courts, 12,000 square feet of fitness area with cardiovascular equipment and free weights. It also has a large group exercise studio and indoor turf property called the Field House. Dick and Linda Malmstrom have owned the club since 1988.

Dick Malmstrom, a former tennis pro at the old Americana Resort in Vernon, said he had a dream of owning his own club that would have a comfortable, family-friendly environment, yet with enough diversity to satisfy many if not most of the athletic interests of its members.

The club started in 1973 when William H. Wilson along with several other local investors had the vision to build the first indoor tennis club in Sussex County. M “We did not want members feeling that they were working out in a tennis dominated environment, but rather a fitness facility that was modern and spacious as well," Malmstrom said. "By converting one of the six tennis courts to various fitness activities, we were convinced this would give us the needed square footage to grow the membership and provide a welcoming space.

He noted that in the past twenty years, "there’s been a proliferation of small, boutique fitness centers, ranging from corporately owned fitness chains to cross-fit studios and the like. We’ve worked hard at staying true to our mission which is to welcome all ages and lifestyles to the club and eliminate the barriers and discomfort that many first timers often feel."

There are also Kids Camps at the Field House with an adjoining outdoor pool, open during the summer months.

Sparta Athletic club is hosting an Open House today, Oct. 27 where special programs and offers are available for members and non-members.

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