Sparta's Fowler-Phillips aims to help others discover best self

Sparta author and image consultant Christine Fowler-Phillips debuted her book "Discover Your Best Self...And Stick With It!" with a reception and signing at Sparta Books on Saturday, Oct. 27, 2018. (Photo submitted).

By Mandy Coriston
Sparta's Christine Fowler-Phillips debuted her book, “Discover Your Best Self…and Stick With It!” at a reception and signing at Sparta Books on Saturday, Oct. 27. The self-help book, subtitled “A Guide to Creating a Winning Image," is the first for Fowler-Phillips, who is an image consultant, motivational speaker, and former pharmaceutical sales professional.
“I was with Bristol-Myers Squibb for twenty years,” Fowler-Phillips said. “And I loved it. I was with them on the HIV/AIDS medications side of things, but when they decided they were ending the research and development pipeline, I knew it was time to leave.” Fowler-Phillips said she had been working on the manuscript for the book for two years before leaving the pharmaceutical industry, and chose the title on her last day at Bristol-Myers Squibb.
“I knew I was leaving to go become MY best self,” she said, “I had no regrets leaving when I did. I was with them from the time people were having to take dozens of pills a day to treat their HIV/AIDS, and when I left, we were offering people a single pill to take once a day. I felt very fulfilled in my work there.” Fowler-Phillips, who had also worked simultaneously as an image consultant said she knew it was time to go her own way.
“I had to move on, I felt God had a plan for me with new projects, and new beginnings,” Fowler-Phillips said, “so I took the manuscript and built on it. It’s all based on everything I’ve learned over the years. A lot of life experience went into it.” She hopes that people will read the book and learn to find value in all that they do.
“It’s about finding self-confidence and self-awareness and using your emotional intelligence to be your best,” she said. The book is for everyone, she said, but is geared towards both college students trying to find their way as they enter the workforce, and long-time business executives who feel their images need a little polishing or refreshing.
Fowler-Phillip, dressed in what she calls her own branding- black suit, touch of turquoise, and sky-high heels- said she first learned about imaging from her mother. “Mom was really into image, things like color-to-color analysis and concepts like that, and she taught me a lot,” she said, “but what I want people to learn is how to bring their A-game, all day, every day.”
When she’s not working as a consultant or a public speaker, Fowler-Phillips said she likes to work out and travel, and she spends time giving back in the community. “I belong to several women’s clubs,” she said, “and I do a lot of work for the Cystic Fibrosis foundations.” She says that research is lacking for the chronic respiratory disease, and she’s passionate about raising funds to combat it. “A portion of the proceeds from the book will be going to CF research,” she said.
She was excited to be holding a signing in her local bookstore. “I’m delighted to be here,” she said, “There’s no better place to share your accomplishments than your hometown, and Donna (Fell, owner) has been tremendous.” Fell was also pleased to Fowler-Phillips at the store. “It’s important as an independent book store to give a voice to independent authors,” she said.
As for Fowler-Phillips' next project, she she’ll continue consulting and public speaking, while expanding her own marketing.
“I own the rights to ‘Discover Your Best Self,'” she said. "So it’s time for me to grow my own brand. I’m very excited about it.”