2019 4-H Raise Your Hand

The 2019 4-H RAISE YOUR HAND Campaign was April 1 and is scheduled for April 1-May 15. This year the campaign will once again target 4-H alumni but also invite friends, who wish to support 4-H to participate. Friends are anyone who will support New Jersey 4-H and Raise their Hand - 4-H volunteers, 4-H members (age 13 and over), family members, donors, and community members.
The key message of the campaign is “Raise Your Hand For Kids in Your Community”. This message will be helpful in getting community members to be 4-H friends and supporters and also to engage new families in New Jersey 4-H opportunities and experiences. There will once again be cash prizes ($20K, $10K, $5K) for the states with the most hands raised. This year, the top three states will be based on the ratio of hands raised to the total state population. It is important to note that if a 4-H Alum or other person raised their hand last year, they CAN do it again this year and it WILL COUNT for the 2019 contest.