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SPARTA. Washing the dog's a messy chore? Not if you take your pet to WaggMore where they have the facilities to wash your dog while your home stays clean, and your back doesn't get thrown out.

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By Laurie Gordon

If you have a dog, you know that cleaning your furry friend can be quite a chore...and a mess. That drain guard better be in, if you're dog found some mud to roll in, it's going to be all over the tub, countless towels are going to be required, you better have the floor covered for the post wash shake, and cleaning up the tub walls is going to take some elbow grease. Starting the first weekend in June, this can all be a thing of the past when WaggMore Self Service Dog Wash opens.

Owner Chris Murch has very successfully operated WaggMore Pet Boutique & Bakery since 2017. After talking to customers and realizing the dilemma of the mess associated with washing his own four-legged friends, he decided to create a dog washing room above WaggMore. He affectionately calls it WaggMore Second Floor.

“So many people are excited about the idea,” he said. “We provide the shampoo, conditioner, industrial tub, towels and dryer. You come in with your dog, give your pet a wash and leave the mess behind.”

The tub is a Flying Pig professional dog pet stainless steel bathtub designed to handle the toughest jobs. The tub size Murch selected features, and accessorizes making bathing an easier, time-saving event. The tub is comprised of rust resistant, 16-gauge stainless steel and has a back-splash and side splashes. There's a two-piece removable door piece, removable floor grate, and it can be adjusted to higher or lower levels to accommodate both small and large dogs. The door is easy to open and locks closed. It also has a convenient in and out ramp for larger dogs. The tub can hold dogs up to 180 pounds, and Murch has space and plans to add more tubs.

“Self Service Dog Wash makes it easier and more enjoyable to bathe your dog,” Murch said. “You can keep the mess with us while your bathroom and home stay clean. It also reduces back pain on the owner, too.”

Customers can choose from high end shampoos and conditioners. The base price is $18.95 for an up to 30 minute bath time. This includes an apron for the washer, premier shampoos, brushes, scrubbies, towels, and a high velocity pet dryer.

Additions to the wash, on WaggMore's a la carte menu, include a discount for additional dogs, hypoallergenic shampoo, flea and tick shampoo, de-skunking shampoo, ear cleaner, eye cleaner, a special conditioner and even a cucumber-melon foaming facial.

“We set up each customer with their chosen products all on a cart that goes right next to the tub,” Murch said. “We go over few simple instructions before you start and you're on your way.”

There is also a WaggMore Pet Boutique frequent self-washing card. Once six bathtubs on the card are stamped, the next wash is free.

“I consider the self service washing a phase two to WaggMore,” Murch said. “We've built a highly successful business with food, the bakery, accessories and gifts, so this seemed to be a natural extension and something that's not offered in the area. People are really excited about it.”

In addition to everything else WaggMore Pet Boutique & Bakery offers, Murch has rolled out ice cream for dogs.

“It's healthy, organic and non-dairy and dogs love it,” Murch said.

Appointments for self service dog washing can be booked on line by visiting: https://www.shopwaggmore.com/. You can also call (973) 262-0382 for an appointment or to inquire about anything else at WaggMore. It is located at 14 Winona Parkway in the Lake Mohawk section of Sparta.

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