Waterproofing Your Patio

No need to be scared of a little rain

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Many homeowners take pride in the design and maintenance of their patios. Sadly, both spring and summer rain showers can often leave once-neat patios looking a tad messy. Not to mention, rain often damages or causes discoloration to outdoor objects.

4 tips to help your patio withstand the rain from the experts at Route 23 Patio & Mason:

1. Consider your pavers

Porous permeable pavers are popular because the water drains right through. However, sealing your pavers is also an option and there are water-based and acrylic-based sealant options for you to pick from. The pros at Route 23 Patio can help you figure out which option is best.

2. Make some drains

Drains don’t have to be complicated, and they help your driveway, patios, and other outdoor spaces resist damage from water. Route 23 Patio & Mason offers trench drains in steel, tuf tite plastic, or poly resin, as well as catch drains. For soil in particular, drainage fabrics are what you need.

3. Seal your wood

A couple of coats of sealant can go a long way in making sure your wood stay attractive. Sealing is best for any previously finished wood, as opposed to staining since oil-based stain may not sink into the wood.

4. Check the bulbs

Outdoor lighting means your party can go long into the night, which is great. But while most people do make sure to get “outdoor lights”, they often don’t consider the bulbs. Your porch light, flood light, and decor lights should have outdoor-rated bulbs.

Still have questions? The team at Route 23 Patio & Mason can help. Call 973-875-3287 to get your questions answered.

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